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Functional tests with lettuce and django test client

     When running a functional test, you fire up “browser” and do the "same" actions as a real user (or API client). There are different “browsers” for testing your applications, some of them are real, like selenium and some of them are less real, like django test client. Depending ...

by Danu | Feb 01, 2013 | Tags: test django selenium lettuce bdd client bs4

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Testing registration scenario against django with lettuce and selenium webdriver

Installation The best way to “understand” is by following a good example, so we prepared a sample project which uses django-registration library in order to have a simple, generic user-registration application for our tests. To play with it, just create a new virtualenv and checkout the sample project on Github. ...

by Danu | Jan 14, 2013 | Tags: webdriver django selenium lettuce bdd

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