Testing is so important that everybody does it.


Welcome to the Tester's Laboratory blog! Here, we discuss topics related to software testing (both manual and automated), business analysis, book reviews and more.

Running a blog together is a good way to keep in touch and also sharpen our minds at the same time.

We love testing and we love talking about it.

Meet the Team


Dan Claudiu Pop

Software Test Engineer

BDD enthusiast, specialized in test automation and exploratory testing but interested in most aspects of software testing. Strong supporter of the context-driven school.

Currently working @3PillarGlobal, Cluj-Napoca


Ramona Suciu

Software Test Lead Engineer

"There’s no such thing as a best practice. Software development is incredibly contextual, and what might seem like a good idea for one team might be completely wrong for another." - Gojko Adzic, "Specification By Example"

Software tester, passionate about BDD and testing approaches in different agile methodologies. Follower of context-driven-testing and supporter of "Specification By Example" methodology.

Currently working @3PillarGlobal, Cluj-Napoca.